Peer Review Process

Peer Review Policy

Sharif Journal of Mechanical Engineering (SJME), uses single-blind peer review to review manuscripts, in which the authors do not know the reviewers. Authors have the right to communicate to the editor if they do not wish their manuscript to be reviewed by a particular reviewer because of potential conflicts of interest. 

Process of article acceptance

The submitted article papers go through the following procedures for online publication after initial check by the editor-in-chief or editorial board members as well as receiving the filled-out form of publishing privilege. 

  1. Papers of proper formatting in style and writing are initially checked on Semantak and by plagiarism detectors.
  2. Following the approval from the abovementioned step, the papers will be provided to three reviewers of relevant expertise. Then, after their investigation, papers are divided into their subclasses: 

             a) Papers that are accepted after the initial check.

             b) Papers that can be published if editors’ revisions are met.

             c) Papers that fail to be published after thorough analysis and revisions.

      3. Having received editors’ comments, the authors must either apply the revisions within 30 days as of receiving the comments or reflect the           reasons why revisions are not necessary to the journal.Revisions may be repeated and requested several times to ensure the scientific                     content is sound.

      4. After verifying the proper implementation of revisions or reasons for not applying the changes, an acceptance/rejection letter will be sent           to the corresponding author.

     5. All papers will be listed for online publication by the journal executive expert.

Note: Paper will go through copyediting and formatting editions in line with the journal standards. In this respect, corresponding author will receive the final version to check the consistency in which case the paper will be listed for online publication.